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GYM Trainer reveals Samantha’s Untold Secrets

Trainer reveals Samantha’s Untold Secrets 

Trainer reveals Samantha’s Untold Secrets:

Trainer reveals Samantha’s Untold Secrets

samantha ruthu prabhu has become the most best actor and fittest among the young all latest heroines. The man behind her impressive fitness levels is none other than Rajesh Ramaswamy in chennai . This Chennai-based fitness trainer has been working with some of the Kollywood actor and actress since some time. That video showing Samantha lift weights more than her actual normal weight has created a sensation..

Rajesh Ramaswamy tells , ‘When it comes to commitment, Samantha ruthu prabhu is simply superb and nice . She is the most fittest among Top League Heroines. She was succeeded in the maintaining the same physique right from the beginning of her carrier . Samantha ruthu prabhu always focus on fittness training and gym work out hard… She would always reach Gym center at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

If she have a morning time shoot, then Samantha would hit the gym work out at 5 am itself. Samantha  believes sweating is good for her health. She even follows a diet plan and that’s y samanntha  is so healthy & beautiful looks..

‘Samantha doesn’t believe in fasting and eats whatever she wants! Samantha ruthu prabhu favorite food is Sambar Rice… She also fav items dosa, idly, wada and pongal. She  eat chicken,mutton, spicy pickles, sweet pongal sambar and filtered black coffee. To balance her diet, She would like to eat vegtables, salads, berries, fruits, pulses and lean meat. To keep herself hydrated, She would drink lots of water, fruit juices and coconut water’.


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