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MLA distributes 3 lakh to each person

MLA distributes 3 lakh

MLA distributes 3 lakh


The announcement of 500 rupee notes and 1000 rupee note-demonetization, many corrupt politiciotions, across the nations, looks shaken as they are mulling ways to convert the stashed currency into new currency denominations.

,In Karnataka, the state legislator for Kolar was seen distributing 3 lakh rupees as loan for every individual following the announcement of Modi banning 500rupee and 1000rupee notes. Having learned about the fact that all those currency  bundles.,, The state MLA has come up with this inevitable idea.

one of the interesting news, the Karnataka MLA dispensed the cash  currency with old notes and apparently attracted media attention indai . Since the commoners have facility to exchange over 2.5 lakh rupees at banks, till 30th December, some recipients slipped into celebration zone after taking the money ..

The pictures of MLA distributing currency are going viral on social media and news channels  and are spreading best known to all. The day after Centre’s unexpected..

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